Why Perth people love one-bedroom apartments

Why Perth people love one-bedroom apartments

There’s an old saying that good things come in small packages and, for many people, that’s certainly true when it comes to their home. While the traditional ‘Australian dream’ might be a backyard with a Hills Hoist and room for a game of cricket, many of us prefer smaller, more practical living spaces. Many of us are absolutely in love with our one-bedroom apartments. And here’s why:

One-bedroom apartments save you money

One-bedroom apartments are the underappreciated workhorses of the Australian property market. For many of us, buying a one-bedroom apartment is our first step on the property ladder. They’re more affordable than larger apartments, for a start. That keeps your mortgage manageable and your costs down.

Location, location, location

If you want to live where all the action is — close to shops, good coffee, nightlife and the hubbub of inner city centres like South Perth, East Perth and Northbridge — a one-bedroom apartment is an easy and affordable way to do it.

Neat as a pin

Beyond what’s out the front door, there’s also what’s inside your one-bedroom apartment to consider. For those of us who like to live neat, organised, uncluttered lives, a smaller apartment is the ideal solution. It stops us collecting too much ‘stuff’. It’s also easier to make a smaller living space feel ‘homely’. With a few key pieces of furniture, a rug, some lovely pictures on the wall, a few books and a few holiday mementos on the shelf, it’s possible to create a home that expresses your personality quickly and easily.

It’s easier to keep clean

It’s also much easier to keep a smaller space clean. For many of us, this is a big attraction. Not many people enjoy spending their entire Saturday morning vacuuming, mopping, sweeping, dusting, gardening and so on — we’d rather be spending that time enjoying excellent coffee at our favourite neighbourhood cafe. It’s obvious really; the smaller the apartment, the quicker and easier it is to clean, the more time you have to do the things you love or to unwind on weekends!

It’s more spacious than you think

Whether it’s a one-bedroom apartment for a single person or for a couple, you’ll find your living space is bigger than you imagined. Modern apartments aren’t the dark pokey flats you might imagine. Especially at the luxury end of the market, most have large floor spaces, big rooms and often generous outdoor/balcony areas. Not to mention the luxurious facilities (such as Civic Heart).

It’s a great investment

Investors love one-bedroom apartments. For all the reasons above, prospective tenants are readily attracted to smaller, well-located apartments. They particularly enable younger professionals and couples to live in highly desirable areas. That keeps one-bedroom apartments in high demand.

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