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Developing better lifestyles is more than a statement. It is a philosophy that determines the location, built-form and style of each of our landmark developments; a gold standard that ensures every Finbar apartment goes beyond being just a place to live and encapsulates a stylish, desirable way of life.

To look upon the Perth CBD today is to see a picturesque and pulsating metropolis. This effervescent skyline above a calm expanse of indigo takes its roots in the city's varied foundations, many of which bear the unmistakable, footprint of Finbar.

Since in 1995, we at Finbar have had the privilege of helping shape Perth into the vibrant and sophisticated city it is today. We alone have crafted over 60 landmark apartment developments in the Perth CBD and surrounds.

With every Finbar development seen successfully through to completion, it is no wonder that Finbar has earned the reputation as WA's largest and most trusted apartment developer.